The Giftcard

Giftcard Value ($)

Can’t decide which box to choose, want the receiver to start the subscription on their own terms or need something RIGHT NOW? The Runnerbox Giftcard can take care of that.

Send a gift card for any amount you choose and you’ll receive a store credit code via email as well as an instantly downloadable gift card which can be redeemed to purchase anything on our website. Your store credit will be applied to all boxes that ship until the credit is used up.



If you’re looking to purchase a gift card for a specific subscription amount, here is the value you should purchase. Note: the value of the store credit you purchase will be reduced as each box ships. When the last box ships, the store credit will be equal to zero.

6 month subscription (3 boxes total):

  • with UPS Ground 1-6 day shipping: $87
  • with USPS 2-day shipping: $94.50

1 year subscription (6 boxes total):

  • with UPS Ground 1-6 day shipping: $168
  • with USPS 2-day shipping: $183

Gift cards are valid for 12 months from date of purchase.

Additional information

How to Redeem a Gift Card

Once you purchase the gift card, you will be emailed a gift card code. Select any product on our website, place it in the cart and enter the code at checkout. Once the code is entered, the entire amount of the credit will be applied to your account and used to pay for all future boxes until the credit is used up.

PLEASE NOTE: Even if you are checking out with an already purchased gift card and there is no further charge you will still be prompted to enter your credit card details again when you select which box you like. Computers are funny and our systems require all accounts to have a credit card associated with them. However, so long as you purchased a gift card for the duration that matches the box you choose (6 months for 6 months, 1 year for 1 year, etc.) YOUR CREDIT CARD WILL NEVER BE CHARGED. We are so confident of this that we will refund you the value of the entire subscription if your credit card is charged in error. The only time a card would ever been charged is if the value of the gift card is less than the value of the subscription and there is a balance owed.


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