Show Mom Some Love Box


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A lot is on hold right now, but showing that Mother Runner in your life how much you appreciate her doesn’t have to be. We’ve partnered with our friends over at Another Mother Runner to create this special edition because we believe that now more than ever, mothers deserve appreciation for their hard work, dedication, and love. Valued at nearly $70, this box is sure to make moms (sisters, friends, daughters) feel validated and treasured while giving them a kickstart in the motivation department. “Healthy chocolate, nutrient-packed truffles, Balega socks, Nuun Hydration and muscle-healing bath bombs”  – need we say more?

Want a gift in hand by this weekend? A downloadable gift voucher will be attached to the order receipt you are instantly emailed so all you need to do is print it out and voila!

*Please note: Due to high order volume and our increased COVID-19 safety measures, the actual box may arrive slightly later than usual. 

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