Still got questions? Have a read through our FAQ or contact us.

How does subscription billing work?

No upfront or sign-up fees here! You are only billed as each box ships. The first charge will be when you place your initial order. For the remainder of your subscription, you will be billed every other month on the calendar day of the original order date.

How many items are in a box?

Boxes are jam-packed with goodness and always contain 10-12 different physical items. Oftentimes discounts for virtual goods or things that can’t fit in the box (think, Bear Mattress) are included as well.

What is the difference between your subscription boxes, gift boxes and limited edition boxes?

Our subscription boxes are the absolute latest and greatest that we’ve come across. These boxes include a detailed listing of each of the items and where to repurchase them. We also include some killer discount codes!

The gift boxes are a one time purchase of one box. They contain our past favorites items we’ve found throughout the year. Gift boxes do not include exclusive discount codes.

Limited editions are special one-time boxes we only produce at certain times of the year and generally are themed around a holiday or event. These are sold on a first come, first served basis and once we sell out, they’re gone!

When will my box ship?

Your first subscription box will ship within 1 business day of your order. If you selected USPS Priority mail they estimate it will arrive in 2 business days once your box ships. For example, if you order on Tuesday, your box will ship on Wednesday and arrive on Friday. (99% of the time the shipping estimate is correct, but it is the Post Office after all so this is an estimate and not a rock solid guarantee) If you selected UPS Ground it will arrive 2-6 business days after your box ships (We ship from the Midwest so those of you on the West Coast will probably be on the longer end of that range).  From then on, your box will ship every other month on the day of your initial sign up.

GiftBoxes will ship within 1 business day, with the same shipping estimates as above based on the carrier.

What is the shipping cost?

We offer UPS Ground shipping to anywhere in the contiguous United States for $5. Orders ship from our warehouse 1 business day after you place your order (i.e. if you order on Tuesday, your box will ship on Wednesday) and ground shipping shipping can take anywhere from 2-5 days to arrive from there.

If you need your box faster than that, we also offer expedited USPS Priority Shipping for an extra $2.50. Boxes still ship 1 business day from the time you place your order, but boxes only take 2 days to arrive once they ship.

When shipping to the non-contiguous US (Puerto Rico, Alaska, Hawaii, or US Armed Forces locations), you must select USPS Priority Mail.


When I sign up for a subscription, which month will my “first box” be?

Unlike some other subscription companies, we don’t make you wait around to receive your first shipment. Whichever month you place the order, you’ll receive that month’s box.* BOOM. It’s that simple.

*If you sign up after the 29th of the month, we’ll still ship right away, but you’ll receive the following month’s box.

How will a gift recipient know who their box is from?

All RunnerBox subscription and gift box purchases will have the option to include a gift note at checkout. Make sure if you’re sending a box to someone else you fill out this section so they know who got them such an awesome present.

Our boxes are like flowers – if they come with no note, the recipient may rack their brain for hours wondering who get them something so thoughtful.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover.  This is a SSL secure site through authorize.net.

What if I want to cancel my subscription? Can I cancel at anytime?

Absolutely! If you have a standard subscription simply log into your account and under “My Subscriptions” find the subscription you would like to cancel and select “View”. Once there, click “Cancel” and you’re done. It’s that easy. Seriously, we should make it harder.

For subscriptions of a fixed duration, shoot us an email telling us why you would like to cancel and we’ll take care of it straight away. No criteria to meet, no questions asked. We are a company run by elite athletes. This means we’re quite compulsive and wake up each morning with the only goal being to end the day better than we started. If there’s something we need to be working on to be better, we want to know!

If you just placed your order and realized you made an error, you will need to cancel both the subscription AND the order to prevent the first box from being shipped.


I’m ordering as a gift and don’t want my box to ship yet. What should I do?

No problem! If you want to order now, but don’t want your box to ship until a particular occasion like a birthday or holiday, just send an email to info@therunnerbox.com as soon as you place your order and let us know what day you would like it to ship.

Do you ship outside of the United States?

Due to the increased rate of international shipping, at this time we are unable to ship outside of the United States.  We are constantly expanding our coverage and will update as more regions become available.

Are Your Boxes Gluten Free?

We do not promote our boxes as being gluten free. However we only source nutritional products with clean ingredients so oftentimes the boxes are completely gluten free. Other times the boxes may have one to two items that contain gluten. We have several gluten-free subscribers who are able to enjoy the majority, if not all, of what arrives in their boxes. In the event something does contain gluten and you can’t have it, give it to a friend and you just landed a new training buddy!

(This does not take into account products that may be produced in a facility that also processes products containing gluten. If you are that strict about the intolerance, we probably would stay steer clear for the boxes just in case)

How do I change/update my credit card info?

To change or update the credit card that you have on file with RunnerBox, login to your account and scroll down to “My Payment Methods” Here you can add, delete or update any information pertaining to your credit card.

How do I update my shipping or billing address?

Login to your account and scroll down to “My Addresses”. Here you can change your shipping address, billing address, or both.

Still scratching your head?