Race Report: Boston 2016

Boston Recap By: Staci Dietzel This was my 5th consecutive Boston Marathon.  Despite a training season peppered with injury, and one week post-flu, I was excited to be in Boston and felt ready to run.  The celebration of the 50th Anniversary of women in the Boston Marathon along with the 120th Anniversary year made this […]

2015: Year In Review

We hope everyone is off to a great start to 2016!  We are excited to share with you some changes RunnerBox is bringing in to the New Year.  With the help of the unbelievable team at Inspyre Web Design, we recently launched our new website.  As you can see, it is much easier to shop […]

An Inside Look at WB Kitchen

One of the best parts of living and training in what we lovingly refer to as the “Boulder Bubble” is that it is bursting with active people. Everywhere you turn you can find someone hiking, biking, running or even hula hooping across an open field. (I’m still working on finding the picture that proves this […]

The Ultimate Recovery Giveaway!

At RunnerBox, we understand that training and racing can leave you SMASHED so we’ve teamed up with two of our favorite Colorado companies to give you a chance to win a package of awesomeness that will snap your body back into shape. What’s included, you ask? A pair of Recofit compression pants. We were lucky […]

Win a Limited Edition Race Kit!

Have you ever tried a new product before a race or run? The guy in this video sure has. Check it out and let us know what you think may have happened during his run or tell us about a personal memorable experience you’ve had when trying a new product. If you leave a comment […]

Ally’s Bar

We’re thrilled to be including Ally’s Bar in our June/July subscription boxes! We chatted with creator and professional cyclist Ally Stacher to get the inside scoop: On why she started Ally’s Bar: I have always loved the outdoors, almost as much as I love making delicious food.  The combination of these two awesome things pushed […]

IT Band Syndrome: Prevent & Treat with Go Tape

One of the more common injuries runners face is the ITB (Illiotibial Band Syndrome). This presents as pain on the outside of the knee which is caused by friction of IT band, and is often referred to as “runners knee”. Generally the pain will start shortly into your run and gradually get worse until you […]

Sneak Peek -Red Rush- February/March Subscription Box

We are excited to be bringing you Red Rush Nitric Oxide boost in your next subscription box!  Red Rush contains 500 mg of beet nitrate. Beet juice consumption has been studied and shown to improve endurance performance.  The research behind this is compelling.  Studies show beet juice juice consumption allows your muscles to perform the […]