About Us

We are a team of athletes dedicated to creating better access to endurance nutrition and gear.

We are on a mission to introduce athletes to the best products available to motivate and support active lifestyles. Based in Asheville, NC, we are proud to claim that we were the first subscription box for endurance athletes and have been faithfully stuffing mailboxes full of endurance goods since 2013.

Founded by an elite runner and comprised of a staff who compete across all levels from recreational to professional, The RB Team combines a passion for sport with unique industry insight to deliver curated boxes that will keep athletes up to speed with the most current trends and stay on top of their game.

There’s never enough time in the day and we were tired of watching athletes use so much of it reading through nutrition labels and gear reviews when they could be squeezing in a run. So we thought, why not do all the research and testing for them so they can shop less and train more. We sort through all the noise and hand-pick the best products on the market. From there, you can figure out what works for you and use subscriber exclusive discounts to order more and make sure you always have your favorites on hand.

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